LCA's – less environmental impact proven with Triowrap & Trioplus products!

LCA's – less environmental impact proven with Triowrap & Trioplus products!

LCA calculations for our products show solutions for a more environmentally friendly silage production.

All human activity and all products have some kind of impact on the environment. The life cycle assessment (LCA) is a method to analyze the full impact of a product or service during its whole lifetime (including resource extraction, production, waste management, transport etc.). 

We have done LCA calculations for our products, so we can give fact-based advice and secure customers, that there are products available, which are better for the environment than others.

Even if the bale wrap is only a small factor in the whole silage process, all possible contributions that lessen the environmental impact should be taken into account. Our LCAs are done on a cradle to gate perspective and the result presented on a functional basis, which means for example less impact per bale or silo.

There are a lot of things influencing a product’s overall environmental impact. The parameters that we focus on mainly are material usage and raw material combination. Assessment results show, that by using less material per bale, recycled raw material or green polyethene the impact of a product can be reduced significantly. For example, the LCA for our Trioplus products proves a decreased impact of 21%/25%, for our newest product, the Triowrap loop, one of 22%. Finally, our green PE product Triowrap bio reduces the impact by even 75%!

By taking fact-based decisions, when it comes to the choice of bale wrap, you can easily move to an even more sustainable farming in the future.

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