Tried! Tested! Proven!

Tried and tested a million times!

Triowrap® was introduced in the late 1980’s and is our most used silage film. Triowrap® being largest in Europe proves that farmers are secure with their choice of feed protection, and one of the main success factors for producing best baled silage is the quality of the used materials in the stretch film. The premium film Triowrap® offers you highest reliability, due to best running performance on all wrappers as well as ideal characteristics for securing the valuable feed.

Premium multilayer blown film with best adhesive and stretching properties!

Many years of experience and gained knowledge regarding the requirements of baled silage and the production of film as well as the carefully selected PE raw materials and additives made this unique blown film possible. Multilayer construction and a blend of a high number of components ensure the important features for a silage film as adhesion, bonding, stretching, colour, tear-strength, UV-protection and a smooth surface.

Your Reliable choice:

  • Usage of best raw materials for a consistant quality, even under extreme conditions as high temperatu-res, windy, dusty environments and high humidity.
  • Excellent stretchability and elasticity, as well as a significantly higher puncture resistance than stan-dard films for airtight wrapped bales with perma-nent protection.
  • Can be used on all type of wrappers.
  • High pre stretch levels up to 80% make the film more efficient due to more bales per reel and hour.
  • Less burden on environment and resources because of the high quality components and additives in the film. Film and core are recyclable.
  • The high adhesive power of the film seales the valuable crop hermetically – without clogging the pre stretch unit.
  • Film reels can be used for more than one season.
  • High UV-protection for at least 12 months after wrapping, also for southern regions.
  • Waterproof, tried and tested plastic core.
  • Best silage quality due to perfect air tightness.
  • Worldwide leading in market and quality – farmers in more than 50 countries rely on Triowrap.

Your reliable and sustainable choice!

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint while still counting on the premium performance of the well tried and tested Triowrap, our Triowrap loop or Triowrap bio might just be the thing for you. Being made from recycled material (Triowrap loop) or renewable raw materials (Triowrap bio) you can contribute to the protection of the environment without making any compromises regarding operating reliability and fodder quality. Both products are available in the dimensions 25µm x 750mm x 1500m.

*LCA modeled in SimaPro using data from the ecoinvent inventory database. Reduction in impact when comparing Triowrap bio / Triowrap loop 25µ to Triowrap 25µ virgin.

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Dimensions Colors Reels per pallet User manual Machine list
25µm x 750mm x 1700m
15 User manual Go to link
25µm x 750mm x 1500m
15 User manual Go to link
25µm x 500mm x 1800m
24 User manual Go to link